Sherwin-Williams recently acquired the European Industrial Coatings Business of Sika AG.

Power Supply

Plants for Energy Generation Need Good Coating Systems

From coal, nuclear and hydropower plants, gasometers and gas turbines to pipelines, electricity pylons and wind turbines – nothing works without energy.

Structures and plants are exposed to extreme thermal and mechanical loads or are subjected to corrosive media. The products used in the construction or repair of these objects have to meet a wide range of corrosion protection requirements due to various conditions and areas of use. Our wide range of products offers optimal solutions for all cases.


In order to make use of the power of water, this energy is converted into electricity at the hydroelectric power plant using generators. Hydropower is a particularly environmentally friendly regenerative energy source. We offer robust and sustainable coating systems for high corrosive stress.

Power Stations and Equipment

Power stations represent a broad range of technical plants for the generation of electricity. Sherwin-Williams is well aware of its responsibility and makes use of the safest solutions for the initial coating and repairs.

Mast Coating

Energy is the driving force of our modern life. This energy has to be brought to where it is needed. Sherwin-Williams mast coatings cover kilometres of power lines, proving their durability and robustness. Our system can be applied to the following substrates: Steel, Corten steel, hot-dip galvanized steel and mixed constructions.

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