Sherwin-Williams recently acquired the European Industrial Coatings Business of Sika AG.

Fire Protection Coatings

WHEN EVERY SECOND COUNTS - an elementary factor is the time gain, because in the case of fire, every minute gained is infinitely valuable in order to bring people, animals and goods to safety and to start active firefighting. With our FIRETEX®, Unitherm® and Pyroplast® fire protection coatings, quality and cost-optimised solutions can be realised depending on the required fire-resistance rating, the subsequent requirements and the local conditions. Whether steel structures, wooden components or concrete – our product portfolio offers reliable object protection according to national and international standards and is used in many important buildings and plants around the globe.

Areas Of Application

Cellulosic Fire Protection for Steel

Hydrocarbon Fire Protection for Steel

Fire Protection for Wood

Fire Protection for Concrete

Protective Coatings

Our Competence

As Sherwin-Williams Coatings Deutschland GmbH, we develop, produce and distribute corrosion and fire protection coating systems under the maxim of protecting buildings worldwide and preserving values. At the production site in Vaihingen an der Enz, we therefore focus on high-quality solutions that focus on the success of our customers and the safety of people, buildings and our environment.

In doing so, we keep an eye on the stricter regulations in numerous areas of application as well as increasing demands on cost-effectiveness, durability and sustainability. This is reflected in our product range, which always complies with the latest independent tests, standards and regulations.

Our Promise

Thanks to the most advanced technology, special service orientation and a mix of proven and innovative coating systems, we have been a reliable partner on the German and international market for many decades when it comes to a wide range of buildings and the highest requirements.

The close cooperation with our customers ensures appropriate quality throughout the entire project life cycle. For us, the maintenance of long-standing trusting customer relationships clearly comes before short-term business deals. This is a promise to our customers when cooperating with us as a quality manufacturer.

Our Service

Coatings in the factory or on the building site – our experienced sales consultants, engineers and FROSIO inspectors develop customer-specific solutions for profitable, cost-efficient, effective and sustainable business.

Our qualified application technicians offer customer-oriented, individual support and training in system and processing technology. Sherwin-Williams experts calculate for you the type, structure and quantity of corrosion or fire protection coatings for your specific requirements.

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