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Fire Protection for Concrete

Fire Protection Coatings for Indoor Concrete Surfaces

Like steel, concrete does not burn and belongs to the Class-A building materials. However, the high heat input resulting from the fire leads to a reduction in the strength and rigidity of the concrete, so that explosive spalling can occur, especially with high-strength concrete mixtures, up to the collapse of the structure. A major factor in the service life of a building is the influence of the thermal conductivity on the load-bearing capacity of the building material. This is significantly lower for concrete than in the case of pure steel structures.

Protection of Concrete

A few years ago it was still believed that concrete is resistant to every kind of damaging effect. But: concrete is vulnerable! For example, corrosion due to carbonated concrete or corrosion due to chloride contamination. This results in the following requirements for the fire protection of concrete: the fire resistance duration must be increased in case of a change of use, the coverage of the reinforcement must be improved and, as a matter of principle, corrosion damage through external contamination must be prevented.

Sherwin-Williams offers a solution that is structurally non-loading and works with details such as penetrations, connections and joints. In addition, no additional water or moisture is introduced into the structure during the application.

Simple - Fast - Safe

Concrete itself does not burn. Nevertheless, high fire temperatures can lead to changes in the material. In this case, concrete loses its insulating function and the processed steel is exposed to critical temperatures. Our economical, aqueous 1-component intumescent coating FIRETEX® Concrete WB reduces the heat input into the steel reinforcement and is particularly suitable when fire protection retrofitting is necessary due to changes in use or inventory in a building.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Space-saving fire protection

  • Compatible with repair mortars

  • Application directly to the concrete

  • Individual colour design

Typical Application Areas
Industrial and Administrative Buildings
Event and Sports Centres, Department Stores

FIRETEX® Concrete WB

FIRETEX® Concrete WB-120

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