Sherwin-Williams recently acquired the European Industrial Coatings Business of Sika AG.

Fire protection for Wood

Wood is a versatile building material that fascinates with its natural appearance. However, it is also highly flammable and therefore requires effective protective measures, especially in publicly accessible buildings. A properly dimensioned timber structure can withstand fire longer than one might think. With our Pyroplast® wood fire protection coatings, the ignition of the surface and the fire transmission can be prevented or delayed.

Pyroplast® Fire Protection Coatings

Our wood fire protection coatings can be applied simply by painting or spraying and can be used transparently or pigmented. They are hardly noticeable after application and therefore do not have a negative effect on the aesthetic effect of the timber structure. On the other hand, they have exactly the properties that can prevent early ignition and the rapid spread of the fire.

When exposed to heat, the coating transforms into a centimetre-thick foam layer, which has a heat-insulating effect and thus prevents the wood from igniting. In addition, this microporous carbon mass blocks the oxygen from accessing the combustible wood surface and thus prevents the flames from spreading rapidly even in large wood areas.

European Classification

Fire protection coatings are an important component in the building industry in all countries in which building guidelines and laws apply. As part of European harmonisation, Sherwin-Williams has been conducting an extremely extensive programme of approval tests in accordance with EN standards for several years.

In the meantime, the products from the Pyroplast® portfolio are classified and usable according to the latest European requirements, directives and EN standards. Due to the respective standards, Sherwin-Williams is thus able to distribute all fire protection systems in the European Economic Area.

Pyroplast® fire protection systems for wood are characterised by low material consumption in addition to simple application. They are also statically non-loading and are classified according to EN 13501-1, B-s1-d0.

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Typical Application Areas
Industrial and Administrative Buildings
Event and Sports Centres, Department Stores
Airports and Railway Stations

Pyroplast® Wood T System

Pyroplast® Wood P

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